This workshop includes: team building, vocal development (and knowledge), presentation, rhythm, movement while singing (naturally). Within a couple of hours, the following topics can be covered:

  • short or long timing techniques. Subjects are clarified in a playful way. Specific topics are vocal functions, breathing, vocal cord functionality, tone, effect, rhythm and harmony. The group studies one or more songs and learns how to perform them well.
  • polyphonic singing
  • improvisation
  • lyric interpretation
  • presentation
  • choreography (small movements which fit the song and intensify the lyrics)
  • rhythm

All workshops are accompanied by a professional pianist.

The group can be small or large. Inge Rambags has experience with all age groups and group sizes (10 – 150). A sound system is necessary for a group of 25 persons or more.

Price is available on request (depends on group size).


This video shows part of a team building workshop for 140 controllers of KLM (20 women and 120 men) who rehearse and perform the song ‘Help’ by The Beatles. The workshop took place in the Spring of 2011 in the beautiful church of Oudewater.