Does your singing group or choir want to grow?

CVT education can lift a choir or singing group to a whole other level! There is a noticeable improvement in the general singing quality with the application of: twang, improved breath control, vocal functions and tone. Over a longer period of time, other effects can improve the sound, specifically when performed by a large group of singers.

Every choir can master CVT subjects during one or more workshops. During a rehearsal, the group can learn the basic vocal functions, covering both theory and practice. Every member of the choir then has the opportunity to put the material they’ve learned into practice.

Even better for the learning process is the opportunity to work on different technical aspects of CVT over a couple of sessions. When the choir can devote at least three sessions to learning the techniques, the level of understanding goes much deeper. The choirs own repertoire can be used to understand how to improve its sound (the repertoire should be known by heart). In addition, solos can be improved; the group can learn a lot from the soloist.

There is a natural collaboration between the choir conductor and the coach. The job of the coach to help the conductor understand how to best express the material the choir has learned.

It is also possible to coach a big singing group (choir, theatre group, quartet) on sound and techniques on the evening before an important performance. The approach of this session isn’t to learn new techniques, but rather, to follow specific directions to improve the sound. The vocal functions offer perfect possibilities to enhance and equalize the sound. The tonal elements taught in the CVT material provide better audibility and articulation. The twang in combination with breath support teaches members how to carry and focus their sounds. All these techniques can also have a great effect on the presence of the choir. Interpretation and technique can go hand in hand!

Prices are available on request. The price will vary depending on the size of the group and the frequency of the lessons. With groups of 25 people or more, it is necessary to use a sounds system. A professional pianist can be used, either from the choir or provided externally. All lessons are presented in several ways: visually, auditory, kinesthetically, logically, and with pictures so that everyone can learn the material well. The visual material is shown on a beamer and with handouts where the participants can make notes. The coach can also play the auditory examples, either by singing themselves or using a sound system. Questions can be asked at any time, and don’t need to be saved until the end of the session.

A new way of coaching

It’s possible to book an on-site coaching session when recording a CD, singing in a theatrical production, touring or performing. It’s the dream of every CVT coach to provide musical advise and technical aid during rehearsals. The result is an improvement of the entire cast. Sometimes it can be as simple as improving a few technical issues to perform better and more easily. Often, problems arise in the studio when the singer wants to perform (too) well and is blocked. A couple of specific instructions can help with relaxation and provide quicker and better results. A CVT coach can help to quickly remove obstacles and also improve general musicality.